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Please note: Our activities are live events, so there are no refunds.
You must give us 48 hour note to reschedule.

Axe Kicking Entertainment’s

Throw away your frustrations (literally), get your competitive juices flowing, cheer on your teammates and have a blast at our AXE THROWING facility.

You can always challenge your teammates with this new activity and play.

AXE THROWING is a game anyone can play in a safe environment under proper guidance. Being good at AXE THROWING is all in your form, not your strength. You can also plan a birthday or a date or even a fun bachelorette with us at Axe Kicking Entertainment.

Axe Kicking Entertainment

Our Activities

  • Axe throwing $40

    Our axe experts will teach you how to safely throw an axe, and then you will be split into teams to compete and see who the best lumberjack is!
    *Ask us about our mobile axe throwing unit*
    Ages 10+

  • Football Bowling $20

    Throw the football to knock down the bowling pins from 33ft away! The team first to knock down as many of the opposing team’s pins as possible. Can you make it?
    Ages 8+

  • STICKIT Archery $30

    Join us for a game of archery! Just like the good old archery but with safety tips (no needle). Compete with your friends and family to see who has the best aim.
    Ages 8+

    Also available for home rental. Call for details.

  • Plate smashing $10

    Plate smashing the Axe Kicking Entertainment way! Throw baseballs to smash plates. 10 plates, 15 minutes, think your aim is good enough?
    Ages 8+

  • Human Foosball $25

    A unique live foosball experience! Grab your team mates for this high adrenaline game. You must not let go of the stick as you work together to get the ball into the goal. Sure to be a blast!
    Ages 8+

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